The 5 most controversial photos posted to Twitter

It doesn’t take to be embroiled in a celebrity scandal these days. A surprise paparazzi photo, an incriminating voice mail or a leaked sex tape can all put a star in hot water. However, some celebrities and even regular people are getting themselves and others in trouble with the photos they post on Twitter. Here are a few of those gaffes:

Scott Baio v. Michelle Obama

Republican and “Happy Days” star Scott Baio posted the photo below of US First Lady Michelle Obama and added “WOW He wakes up to this every morning.” Many Twitter users were enraged and accused Baio of being a racist among other things. Baio shot back, arguing that his wife’s best friend was Black and that the photo and comment were only meant to be a joke.

Meghan McCain

Republican pundit and Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain posted what she thought was an innocent photo of herself holding up a copy of a biography of Andy Warhol and preparing for a “spontaneous night in.” Her very present cleavage was too much for some to ignore and many Twitter users blasted her for posting the pic. McCain considered deleting her Twitter account altogether but ultimately just apologized and moved on.

Lindsay Lohan

A low-cut shirt may be tame compared to Lindsay Lohan’s topless photo of herself that she snapped and posted to Twitter. While this may not be the most controversial thing Lohan has ever done, it did prompt a shocked reaction from many Twitter users.

NBC’s Black History Month menu

Is a menu of fried chicken, collard greens, and cornbread in celebration of Black History Month racist? A large number of Twitter users thought so. After musician and drummer ?uestlove posted a photo of the NBC cafeteria menu to Twitter, many called the offerings insensitive. The menu was later taken down and NBC officials apologized.

Napping transit worker

To be fair, when the transit worker in Toronto took a quick catnap, he probably didn’t know that his photo was being taken or that the photo would outrage many of the city’s residents. The photo came on the heels of a recent fare and hike and for many the photo symbolized the poor customer service of Toronto Transit employees.

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