5 More Essential Twitter Plugins for WordPress

If you’re a blogger, chances are you use WordPress. And if you do, you know there’s tons of plugins that can add cool and unique multimedia to your blogging efforts. WordPress offers hundreds of ways to move beyond the blog post, not the least of which are the many dozens of Twitter plugins out there. We’ve gathered 5 essential Twitter plugins for your WordPress blog, so you can get straight to writing in 140-characters – or more.

Several months ago, we created a list of 10 Twitter tools for WordPress bogs that was a huge hit. We won’t be repeating any of the great plugins we mentioned in that post, but we encourage you to check it out for even more great ways to incorporate Twitter into your WordPress blog.

WP to Twitter

Are you tired of copying and pasting your blog titles, and then shortening the links to each article, in order to promote new blog posts on Twitter? WP to Twitter will automatically tweet whenever you publish a new blog post, so you don’t have to do it manually.

This plugin can save you a lot of time, especially if you’re managing multiple blogs for clients or your own business. And it even allows you to write a custom tweet rather than simply tweeting the blog post’s title, if you so choose, so you can maintain your social media voice.

Tweet Old Post

You probably have some quality article hidden away in your archives that don’t get read anymore simply because they’re not new. You have several options when it comes to getting exposure for your older posts, but the Tweet Old Post plugin is one of the easiest ways to let your Twitter followers know about posts in your archives that they might not have read.

Image courtesy of ShoutMeLoud

Related Tweets

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your blog is to network within your niche. And what better way to do this than through Twitter? Related Tweets will use your blog as the “seed”, and find related blog posts to tweet to your followers. You can control how often the plugin will tweet related blog posts, and then you just set it and forget it! You’ll be helping other bloggers, and they might return the favor by tweeting some of your content, too.

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Tweetable offers several different ways to integrate Twitter into your blog. It will automatically tweet whenever you publish a new blog article, and it also provides a customizable sidebar widget to house your latest tweets. It also has the ability to turn the WordPress admin backend into a Twitter client, letting you tweet right from your blog, and follow what your niche is saying on Twitter.

Twitter Blackbird Pie

If you find yourself quoting tweets on your blog regularly, you will definitely want to check out Twitter Blackbird Pie. This WordPress plugin displays tweets in a beautiful, native-looking format. It embeds HTML rather than pulling an image of the tweet, so everything that is clickable on the original tweet (username, date, etc.) is clickable within your blog. It also pulls the same background and text colors from the original tweet.