5 Lessons Politico Should Learn From The Primaries

During the primary season, Politico would always reel us in with their lists of “5 Things to Watch For…” or “5 Lessons Learned From…” We can’t lie. We’re a sucker for a good list. So, we always read their insights in bullet point style. Yesterday afternoon, as the media was gearing up for the not-exciting, inevitable Mitt Romney wins in NY, RI, CT, PA and DE, Politico’s Charlie Mahtesian (whom they occasionally refer to internally as “God”) gave us “5 Things to Watch in Tuesday’s Primaries.” Considering Romney is, essentially, the only candidate left in the race, we couldn’t imagine what this list would look like. Our guess was:

1 – Watch Mitt Romney win in New York

2 – Watch Mitt Romney win in Rhode Island

3 – Watch Mitt Romney win in – Connecticut

4 – Watch Mitt Romney win in Pennsylvania

5 – Watch Mitt Romney win in Delaware

That’s NOT where Mahtesian went, however. He focused on the power of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and their impact on the race. Did anyone actually think Newt had a shot? And who cares if Santorum would have won his home state of Pennsylvania? The fact is that he already dropped out, so there’s no way to know. The only thing to watch in Tuesday’s primaries was whether or not Newt would officially drop out.

Making matters worse, now that Romney has won all 5 of the races, Mahtesian has put out “5 LESSONS from Tuesday’s Primaries.” OK. So, this actually makes a little more sense. He could focus on how Romney will pivot to the general election and how strong he was in the states that he won. But, that’s not what catches the attention of Politico. Instead, one of the lessons they focus on is — no joke — the strength of Ron Paul, whom the media has largely ignored.

Look, we’re suckers for a list, so maybe it’s our fault. But, creating a list when there’s no meat on the bone just looks like an attempt to manufacture a story to fit a headline.