5 Lessons for the C-Suite from Roger Sterling of Mad Men

Hot takes via 5WPR.


It’s been a long wait, but Mad Men returns to AMC on Sunday for the very end of its seven-season run.

So many questions hang over the premiere: will Don complete his transformation into Dick Whitman? Will the merger go through without a hitch? Will weaselly Pete get karmic justice? Will Peggy and Joan finally receive the respect they deserve? (OK, we all know that won’t happen.)

Also: what about Bob?!

Yesterday, a few real-life advertising executives told our sister site AgencySpy how they think the show will end…but today it’s all about Roger Sterling.

You want to hate him for being a terrible guy, but you know he has some lessons to teach us all. Here, via the team at New York’s 5WPR, are five things the C-suite can learn from Sterling about client relations.

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