5 Internet of Things Products Marketers Should Keep an Eye on This Year

From smart mirrors to wearable emotion trackers

Headshot of Katie Richards

LAS VEGAS—If you took a tour of the show floor at CES 2017, you know that among a few other trends including virtual reality, the Internet of Things had its moment in 2017. With more companies debuting their IoT products this year, Adweek caught up with OMD's chief investment officer Ben Winkler to take a tour of the show floor.

There's everything from beauty products like the HiMirror, a smart mirror that analyzes the user's skin to determine any imperfections from wrinkles to dark spots and helps fix those problem areas, to a wearable device, Feel, that tracks your emotional state rather than your steps.

And while each product is eye-catching in its own way and something a consumer might want to purchase, they also open up opportunities for marketers to get involved, especially in something like an Alexa-enabled device for kids, the Memoo by C-way.

"We have dozens of clients and dozens of advertisers who have created skills for Alexa, whether it's ordering an Uber or using something from Lowe's, when you ask Alexa for a suggestion of where to buy something, we want to make sure that our clients and our advertisers are an answer that Alexa gives," Winkler explained.

Check out the five products Winkler thinks will be the most interesting for marketers in 2017.

@ktjrichards katie.richards@adweek.com Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.