5 Hilarious Gifts for Your FarmVille Family & Friends

Sometimes selecting gifts for this holiday season can be a pain, but if you're a FarmVille addict, you may be in luck. How about a FarmVille thong for your significant other?

It’s that time of the year again. Instead of purchasing yourself a new 2011 Dodge Ram with the new rims you’ve been drooling over, your wallet goes to your family and friends for the charitable holiday season. Unfortunately, I’m not here to give you advice on how to make some extra money this holiday season, but I may be able to help you save a little money with some of my suggestions for family members and friends who are FarmVille addicts.

The Barn Classic Thong
Yes, you read it right! For $13.00, you and your girlfriend could fulfill all your FarmVille fantasies. This unofficial FarmVille thong comes in small, medium and large for a diversity of FarmVille women out there. Purchase this gift to impress your significant other or simply to turn yourself on in the bedroom.

The big question is how well these will sell, and whether they’ll be expanding the line to a full set of lingerie. I’m sure research will show that thongs with barns on them serve as incredible aphrodisiacs.

FarmVille Gift Cards

Purchase a FarmVille gift card with real money, so your friend or family member can receive FarmVille cash or coins. Since children do not have credit cards, FarmVille gift cards allow them to purchase FarmVille cash or coins without having to steal mom or dad’s credit card number. Using your own money to purchase a gift card for fake money may seem a little ridiculous, but if you’re receiving this card from another individual who wasted their real money for fake money, life is good. FarmVille gift cards can make excellent stocking stuffers.

FarmVille Christmas Ornament

Maybe you just got your first apartment and you’re in need of Christmas ornaments for your very first Christmas tree. Believe it or not, FarmVille Christmas ornaments are available for your convenience. These $14.00 handmade ornaments are made out of high quality porcelain.

Fortunately for you, the red ribbon is included to hang your FarmVille ornament on your tree.

The Ultimate Farmer Baby

To be honest, I’m not sure if I like the FarmVille thong better or the FarmVille baby hat. So far I’ve gone through FarmVille addicts of all ages except babies (probably because of the fact babies are not able to play FarmVille). However, I’m sure there are some parents out there who are addicted to FarmVille enough to put this “cute little hat” on their child for the cold winter months ahead of us.

Afraid this hat won’t fit your baby because he or she has a big head? Don’t worry, one size fits all babies. Also, this nifty baby hat comes in light blue, light pink, kiwi and white.

FarmVille Dogs

And finally, the perfect FarmVille gift for your dog Snoopy. This piece of clothing can be placed into Snoopy’s stocking or placed into a box for under the tree. Either way, Snoopy is going to bark wild for his Christmas gift this year.

Got a small dog? What about a big dog? This nifty t-shirt comes in small, medium, large, XL and 2XL for the variety of pooches out there.

So go ahead, wrap your dog up in FarmVille apparel along with your baby. The whole family can can be FarmVille addicts for Christmas.