5 Great Apps to Help Your Travel Planning

Now’s the time to start planning your amazing trip if you are stuck inside with the flu dreaming of warm, tropical escapes. Feed your travel bug with these classic handpicked apps and great technology from up and coming travel start-ups.

  1. Flights With Friends – Traveling in groups can be a hassle on the best of friends, but this start-up can help your birds of a feather flying before you can say Vegas. Based in San Francisco, Flights with Friends, aims to help you communicate effectively between buddies while sourcing the best tickets and attractions for you so you can spend more time worrying about what to pack.
  2. Trip Tern – This is a great app for the obsessive list-maker in you. Since most tourists visit cities and destinations based on travel sites, Trip Tern automatically creates these itineraries for you based on well-researched information on all of your favorite cities. You can still edit your list, add photos after your trip, and share your sights online at all of your favorite social sites. Trip Tern is an India based start-up that will go public in March so expect a mobile app soon.
  3. Seat Guru – If you are spending more than three hours on a flight, this app is your key to comfort. There’s more seat data here than you ever thought you would need. Find out if you’re getting enough legroom, power ports, or if your plane has a bulkhead.
  4. Simply Declare – This app was built for the ultimate international globetrotter who likes to bring things home from trips abroad. If you want to find out how to declare items legally, then download this app and feel more confident when talking to customs when you return.
  5. Jibbigo – If you don’t have time to learn Chinese on your flight over to Beijing, grab this app because anything is better than English when you are in China. I’m only joking of course, but the best part about this app is the offline function so you won’t need wifi or cell coverage to understand where the bathroom is.