5 Fun Things You Can Do at Mandy's upumpitup

upumpitup.jpgMandy, as in Mandy “A Walk to Remember” Moore joins the social networking/connecting bandwagon with her very own site for women (aw! wish I could join!). Candidly branded as upumpitup, the site is a place where women (aw, again how I wish I could join!) can meet up with friends, inspire each other, and help share good feeling with others.Specifically, upumpitup gives you 5 fun things to do:

Connect with others (women of course) – and express yourselves, get inspired and explore the world around you.

Join a challenge – one, two or three challenges don’t matter. upumpitup got four sections of challenges waiting for members to take up, connect, express, inspire and explore.

Invite your friends and family – How good is a site without the facility to invite friends and family. Hey, that’s what social networking is all about anyway. At upumpitup, you can send a challenge to your friends, to as many friends as you want.

Record your progress – upumpitup features a challenge tracker where you can monitor the progress of the challenge you took up. You can view the milestone you achieved as you go along the way of completing the challenge.

Get involved – upumpitup encourages giving back to the society what you learned from the site. As you participate in all the fun activities at upumpitup, you will be awarded with badges that you can display anywhere you want (virtually I supposed).

Gentlemen, don’t despair if we can’t join upumpitup, we can always stalk on our girlfriends and loved ones and find out what their up to. Just don’t let them know that we’re spying on them.

Have fun ladies, and give my regards to Mandy!