5 Essential Rules Of Facebook Etiquette

If you’re like us, you see things on Facebook every day that make you wonder where people developed such poor manners.

Well, we suggest five rules of good social media etiquette:

1. Before you post or send anything that may be inflammatory or controversial, wait for 24 hours, after which you’ll be able to consider what you’re writing more objectively. Try and think how your communication will be viewed if read out of context, perhaps by your child or a judge.

2. Don’t respond to or initiate inflammatory language, and resist replying immediately to anything you do receive of this nature. If you feel you have to respond, adopt the 24 hour delay rule. Get your thoughts and feelings down on paper, but give yourself a day or two to reflect on your response.

3. Consider getting the input of someone you trust before you send anything other than the most simple of communications. They can give you invaluable and constructive advice and remove any sting that you may not even have been aware was there.

4. Don’t ever vent your frustrations on Facebook, where things can mushroom and get out of hand. Anything of this nature can end up being viewed very unfavorably by a judge in a court of law and your children or family might be very hurt by it.

5. Treat correspondence as business-like and straight to the point, rather than emotional – there are better ways and places to express this.

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