5 Entertaining Twitter Streams to Improve Your Day

February is a bleary month for most of us, so what better time to inject some fun into your Twitter stream and crack a few extra smiles each day?  Follow these feeds for some extra wit, wisdom, or something in between.


Bibliophiles will go wild trying to guess which book’s first line is being tweeted twice a day by TwitrLit, an Amazon affiliate.  Once you’re following @TwitrLit on Twitter (or subscribe via RSS or email), you’ll see the 9am and 9pm EST quotations pop through, complete with links to the corresponding book on Amazon to satisfy your curiosity regarding the book behind the line.

With over 3,200 followers and growing, Texts Made Public lets people share funny text messages, funny facebook status updates, drunk texts or anything else that might make you chuckle.  There are some hidden gems in here and it’s worth a follow.

Everyone can use a daily dose of humor when plodding through the work days.  Follow @CheekyQuotes for a steady stream of entertaining quotes, sayings and sarcasm. You can also visit their site to tweet your favorite quotes out to your own followers and possibly brighten someone else’s day.

This twitter-based Word of the Day competition has almost 6,000 followers for good reason.  They tweet out the word of the day, and all you have to do is use the word in one of your tweets that day.  Visit  www.artwiculate.com to see everyone’s tweets and either like or retweet posts to award points.  Those with a competitive streak will love it, and even if you don’t participate, simply reading the entries can be entertainment enough.


Sure, the British may have their own style of humor – but the Have I Got News For You team delivers laughs no matter no matter what side of the pond you call home. It helps if you’re a fan of Top Gear as they seem to reference it a good bit.