5 Distraction Free Writing Apps

Are you looking for distraction free writing platform? We got some writing advice from an expert…

Author and software expert Jill Duffy just published Get Organized: How to Clean Up Your Messy Digital Life, so we asked her for some pointers about keeping email under control. She offered this advice:

Focus! One of the most important ways writers can increase their output is by increasing their focus. A lot of word-processing software designed specifically for writers purports to have a “distraction-free” environment. Some examples include iA Writer, WriteRoom, Ulysses, WriteBox, OmmWriter. They all remove unnecessary buttons and features from the word processing window to give the writer a totally minimalistic space in which to work.


Duffy concluded:

It’s just you and the page—er, blank screen. All those software products are fine, but a more important way to focus is to turn off other apps. When it’s possible to work without the Internet (sometimes you need it for reference), don’t just minimize the window. Quit your browser and any Internet-connected programs, such as Outlook. Especially quit any programs that deliver push notifications on the desktop. If you work from home, get up, walk over to your Internet router, and turn it off. Then you’ll be much more unlikely to sneak a peek at your online social life and email. I actually keep my home Wi-Fi router plugged into a surge protector so I can flip the on/off switch really easily.