5 Brands That Used the Force of Star Wars on Twitter

Hashtags harness a new hope

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Many (but not all) might argue that a tweet isn't nearly as powerful as a lightsaber. However, last week a number of brands joined the Star Wars frenzy on the platform, helping to churn out an impressively high number of tweets that could potentially populate a small planet.

Conversation on Twitter related to the newest movie was massive. According to Twitter, "Star Wars" was mentioned 6.5 million times in the week leading up to opening night, with 2.4 million of those happening in the final 24 hours.

The tweets, brand partnerships and overall collectively massive campaign paid off, with the movie breaking box office records on its opening weekend and taking in around $238 million.

Here's how five brands celebrated Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Disney itself ran one of the most interesting campaigns on Twitter, which isn't too surprising considering the company had the most to gain or lose from the movie's success. On opening day, the company went all out on Twitter, owning the Promoted Trend feature and changing it every hour on the hour with one of the hashtag emojis related to the film. (It's perhaps the first time a brand has ever taken the hashtag-switching of strategy for a Promoted Trend.)

Here are a few of the emojis as seen in a tweet from Good Morning America:


Doing its best to bring fans as close as possible to the characters, Verizon hosted a red carpet Q&A on Twitter with a number of Star Wars stars, while also offering a chance for a ticket to the premiere.

Here's one of the answers from Star Wars director J.J. Abrams:


This fall, EA ran a promoted video touting the commercial for its new Star Wars: Battlefront video game.


For followers full of info from both the light and dark side, Motorola ran a Twitter-exclusive trivia competition for a chance to win a limited edition Star Wars Droid 2.



Kraft took to Twitter to show its spot promoting its special Star Wars mac and cheese.


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