5 Branded Cinemagraphs on Instagram That Are Sure to Mesmerize

Endless marketing loops

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Instagram marketers are crazy for cinemagraphs, those posts that mix still images with video.

Over the last few months, brands have been testing the captivating format on Instagram to kick social creative up a notch. Cinemagraphs have been used for years as GIFs on Tumblr and Reddit, but Instagram's 15-second cap on video and recent update with endless loops makes it an easy call for brands to try the format.

And with Instagram opening up its ad business Tuesday with targeting and shoppable links, users are likely to see more videos in their social feeds over the next few months.

Check out how five brands are testing out cinemagraphs in intriguing ways:

Click play on the embeds to see the images in action.

1. Toyota


Here's our vision of @instagram's #WHPHoldstill. #KeepItWild with your Weekend Hashtag Project. #4Runner.

A video posted by toyotausa (@toyotausa) on

The automaker got in on Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project, a weekly series of tasks that challenges photographers to take interesting themed pictures.

Last week, the project asked photographers to shoot moving video with a still camera. Toyota's take placed an SUV in the woods next to a mountain bike rider.

2. Budweiser


For focusing on friends, not your phone. #ThisBudsForYou

A video posted by Budweiser (@budweiser) on


For the perfect pour, pour a Budweiser. #ThisBudsForYou

A video posted by Budweiser (@budweiser) on

Bud showed off subtle beer suds—and a moving leg—to make its photos a bit more interesting.

3. Netflix


In the real outback, there are no blooming onions. #Tracks is #NowOnNetflix

A video posted by Netflix US (@netflix) on

The video-streaming service poked fun at Outback Steakhouse's famous fried appetizer while also promoting the film Tracks. The effect is a hazy scene that makes it look like it's a scorchingly hot day in Australia.

4. Gilt Groupe

The e-tailer's creative post puts ripples in the pool and almost makes it look like the woman's legs are moving. But, of course, it's just an optical illusion.

5. A+E Networks

The TV network uploaded this image during its recent upfront presentation with the cast of Bates Motel. To play off of the show's eerie vibe, the street light, sky and text at the bottom flicker as users thumb past it.

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