5 Alternatives for Social Bookmarking To Prepare for Delicious’ Passing

The Delicious era is over, so back up that bookmark archive and check out these 5 excellent alternatives to storing and sharing your bookmarks.

With Yahoo taking the rather misguided step of deciding to shutdown the much beloved social bookmarking tool Delicious (formerly Del.icio.us), the first thought in everyone’s mind is – what’s going to happen to all my bookmarks? The internet has been awash in the past 24 hours with negativity towards Yahoo for even considering pulling the popular and handy service, and now signatures even are being collected to petition Yahoo to turn Delicious over to the open source community. The free service was a staple for many internet users and it now has many wondering where to turn in hopes of salvaging years of saved bookmarks.

Whatever Yahoo ultimately chooses to do (Yahoo has not yet given any official statement or shutdown date), the writing is on the wall and many have begun looking towards greener pastures. Here’s our round-up of top Delicious alternatives.

Mister WongMister Wong has been around for ages and is very popular in Europe and Asia as bookmarking tool. It allows importing of Delicious bookmarks directly by inputting your Yahoo username and password, or you can manually import your bookmarks file. I haven’t had success with either method however, though I suspect it is due to the massive influx of Delicious refugees attempting to migrate that has slowed it’s servers.

Pinboard – Most similar to Delicious in terms of look, style and functionality – Pinboard is a popular bookmarking service with the only downside being that it’s not completely free, charging at least $8 for the service and $25 annually for an “archival fee”. It won’t break your bank and it’s worth the expense if you are looking for the closest Delicious alternative. Pinboard also allows for importing Delicious bookmarks.

Google Bookmarks – A dead simple bookmarking tool that is easy to use and features handy organizational tools to place bookmarks into folders and sort by date and titles. Features an interface very similar to Google Reader.

DiigoThis service stands out as a provider of a number of services including bookmarking. They also provide web highlighting, image storage, sticky notes, and a number of other neat things. It’s gotten numerous accolades over the years from top technology blogs and is certainly a worth alternative for those who might be looking to organize more than just bookmarks.

Historious – Happily branding itself as “a great delicious alternative”, Historious is also very similar to Delicious in look and feel. It features the same bookmarklet style of saving bookmarks and tagging features, but the free version is limited to 300 bookmarks, which may put some people off. I have probably close to a thousand archived bookmarks collected over the years in Delicious, so I would have no choice but to purchase a monthly or annual subscription of $3 or $20 respectively.

It will be very interesting to see Delicious come back in the form of open-source should Yahoo make the same decision Google did with Wave. For the time being, there’s no shortage of alternatives. Be forewarned however, with likely unprecedented traffic spikes this week, these sites may be slower than usual.

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