4th of July: Top Facebook pages liked by Americans


As today is 4th of July — the United States’ celebrated Independence Day, we figured it would be prudent to take a look at the top pages liked by Facebook users in America.

Though by far the page on Facebook with the most likes is Facebook for Every Phone, it’s a major big-box retailer that captures the most likes from the U.S., according to PageData. Additionally, more American Facebook users like the page for rapper Nicki Minaj than President Barack Obama.

Look below for a list of the top 25 pages, in terms of likes from American users.

#NameTotal Likes % of LikesDaily Growth
1    Walmart32,076,98493+1,640
2    Family Guy24,395,63443+1,426
3    Eminem23,507,16026+15,908
4    Amazon.com22,801,51994+15,217
5    Lil Wayne21,974,41941+9,342
6    Target21,688,47395+4,076
7    Facebook21,364,19814+12,859
8    Samsung Mobile USA19,723,92073+250
9    Subway19,614,98072+2,332
10    Drake18,047,85352+6,928
11    YouTube17,834,04322+5,543
12    Starbucks17,545,85147+3,843
13    Adam Sandler17,488,75533+6,013
14    Nicki Minaj15,776,79137+4,474
15    Rihanna15,414,51717+8,830
16    Barack Obama15,326,74237+15,963
17    Katy Perry14,893,00321+8,341
18    South Park14,347,78928+1,273
19    Wiz Khalifa14,237,19644+12,761
20    The Simpsons14,163,88819+2,535
21    Michael Jackson14,075,32618+7,823
22    Taylor Swift14,037,83521+16,625
23    Will Smith13,846,94820+11,786
24    Bob Marley13,828,49121+16,330
25    Usher13,768,49028+3,915

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.