4th Generation iPod touch: Nice but not Revolutionary or Magical

Wanna hear something funny? I have a first generation iPod touch. Wanna hear something funnier? I use it everyday. My ancient unupgradeable (stuck at iOS 3) iPod touch is sort of an iPad nano to me. It is an easy to grab web browser, email checker and general entertainment unit when I am too lazy to lift and hold an iPad.

The fourth generation iPod touch was not quite revolutionary or magical enough to justify a day-of-announcement pre-order for me. However, my continued use of my old iPod touch has me wondering if I need a new “iPad nano” with a snazzy Retina Display and much faster processor.

Engadget’s detailed review of the new iPod touch seems to support the rationale behind my decision not to pre-order one.

iPod touch review (2010)

Engadget says it is a good device with a number of relatively minor shortcomings (low resolution camera, no GPS). My current plan is to wait for a Kindle 3 sized (6 to 7 inch display) Android tablet with decent tech specs.