48 HR Magazine Gets A New Name

It appears that the magazine formerly known as 48 HR has selected a new title that satisfies even the most litigious of television networks. (You’ll recall that CBS took issue with the magazine’s name, claiming it was too similar to that of their “48 Hours” series.) So say hello to Longshot, from Longshot Media, LLC.

The name was mulled over for a while, with 47 HR being another name jokingly tossed in the mix, according to magazine contributor Alexis Madrigal. But the crew behind the publication decided to go another route (besides… CBS demanded final say in the magazine’s title, and it’s doubtful they’d have ok’d a name along the lines of CBS sUx0rz: The Magazine). Explains Madrigal: “Instead of embedding this fight into our name in perpetuity, we are going to try to understand what was so exciting for us in doing the project.”

For their second issue — the first under their new name — the creators have decided to take a step back from fiction writing and ask their (many) interested contributors to send in pieces featuring original reporting.

For more information on the change (including the answer to that most pressing of questions: “Will your Twitter handle remain the same?!”), check out the magazine’s revamped website. And keep an eye out for the next issue, out August 27th.