44 percent of mobile games played at home according to MoPub, Miniclip

Mobile games may be designed for short, play-anywhere bursts of activity, but according to a new study from Miniclip and MoPub, the majority of mobile games are actually played at home.

The results, which echo figures from an earlier study conducted by the NPD Group, were determined by a voluntary poll of 1,625 people who were surveyed while playing a Miniclip game. When asked where they usually played with the app, 44 percent indicated they played the game at home.

When away from home, 22 percent said they played the app while waiting for something, 21 percent played while traveling and 13 percent indicated they played at restaurants.

Miniclip and MoPub also found that parents were the group most inclined to play a game while out of the house, but didn’t indicate if the games were being used to distract fussy children or just because players with children have less free time while at home. 26 percent of parents indicated they allowed their children to play mobile games while traveling and 42 percent of parents said they allowed their children to play mobile games while in a restaurant.

Unsurprisingly, the study also found that a feature on the App Store and on Google Play were the biggest single reason for downloads. 37 percent of respondents indicated they downloaded a Miniclip game because they saw it featured on either the iTunes App Store or (what was then called) the Android Marketplace. 16 percent indicated they downloaded the app because they already had a Miniclip game and 15 percent said they downloaded the app because they had seen it advertised on the Miniclip website and gaming portal.

The full infographic from the study can be found here.