41.5% Of Nurses Own An eReader

Forty-one and a half percent of nurses own eReaders, and 31.4% of nurses have purchased medical related digital texts. This is according to a new survey from Springer Publishing Company. The study — which interviewed nurses, the majority of whom are nurse educators holding advanced nursing degrees — found that the Kindle is more common among this group that the Nook, as 61.4% of nurses have a Kindle versus 16.8% of them who own a Nook.

The survey also found that the nurses 74.6% own a smartphone or tablet computer. In addition, 53.6% of the nurses have downloaded nursing or medical apps.

Pascal Schwarzer, the Vice President of Digital Business Development at Springer Publishing Company, stated: “These findings indicate the rapid growth of mobile technology use among those in the health care industry, as well as the growing demand for eBooks and mobile applications that serve the professional development and reference needs of nurses.”