40,000+ Votes

Wow. You guys really must be super hot.

As the final hours tick away, we want to explain how the winners will be determined. At exactly 5pm EST (on whatever watch we’re using), we’ll look at the results and determine the candidates with the most votes. They’ll be the winners.

Voting will not shut down immediately at 5pm, since I’m paranoid that when we shut down the voting pages, the technology gods will wreak havoc on us and we’ll also manage to delete the results. But, you can put your mouse fingers to rest (and jeez, you deserve it): Any votes made after 5pm simply don’t count. The winner is the winner at 5pm and that’s it.

Good luck to everyone. And to the winners: Please get in touch with us (patrick AT mediabistro DOT com) after 5pm. You’ll find out why.

And to the rest of you, not to worry. FishbowlDC thinks you’re all beautiful.

Especially Patrick O’Connor.