4 Ways to use UMapper to create online maps

UMapper is a freemium tool for building embeddable online maps and is a favorite among tech-savvy journos. Its unique features make it stand apart from similar mapping tools and its flexibility means it likely has the right function to suit your mapping needs. Here’s some examples of what UMapper can do:

Create a quick embeddable map

UMapper makes it easy and fast to create a map that contains any number of points or markers. You can add text, images, audio, and more to your markers, and add lines and shapes to your map just by clicking on the map and entering some information. You can also batch upload data for multiple markers using UMapper.

Create a Twitter map

UMapper can be used to create a map that displays the latest tweets that contain a selected hashtag or keywords. To do this, create a new map and select the “Twitter search” template found under the Templates tab. Then, in the title of your map, write your headline, followed by a colon, then your search operator. For example, a map with the title “Hawaii: tsunami” and centered on the state would result in the map below.

Create a Map quiz

To mark the recent visit to the U.S. by Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Washington Post created a map that asked people to identify famous Chinese landmarks and locations of recent events. The map was created with UMapper using its “GeoDart Game” template. For instructions on how to create your own, click here.

Display the latest weather

Most major news sites have some sort of weather page or feature, but for those of us who quickly want to show off the weather in any part of the world, UMapper has us covered. Just select “Weather Map” under the Templates tab and center your map on the location you want to display. The resulting map looks like the one below.

For more information on UMapper and its features, visit www.umapper.com.