4 Ways to Milk Neil Armstrong’s Death


No matter how you look at it, astronaut Neil Armstrong‘s death prompted some especially grotesque reactions this weekend from Washington journalists. Namely, they took the opportunity to milk the hero’s death for greater purposes.

In other words, they asked themselves, how can I possibly connect this to me?

We’ll start with the least offensive and conclude with the most.

4. Bloomberg‘s Stephanie Green somehow feels acquainted with Armstrong because they share a university. Not so offensive, but still, unnecessary.

3. Next up we have former Roll Call reporter Elizabeth Brotherton who writes, “Rest in Peace Neil Armstrong. He spoke at my graduation from USC (he was a Trojan!) Truly a great American.” Still seems like a stretch of a connection, but not yet so offensive.

2. “While news of Neil Armstrong’s death is sad, its comforting that another American hero, Snooki, brought a new boy into the world.” — Mediaite founder and all around “me” person Dan Abrams, who somehow finds the least compassionate way to commemorate Armstrong’s death. RIP Neil Armstrong! Wherever you are we hope you and your loved ones don’t have to read this.

1. And finally, NBC’s Luke Russert, who, as of late, has been publicly mentioning his late father more and more. Considering the number of people who think he is where he is only because of his father, maybe not the wisest of moves to keep tapping this treasure trove.