4 Twitter Music Videos For Some Friday Fun

It’s time for some Friday fun: Twitter-inspired music videos! Take a few minutes and sneak in these poppy, chirpy tunes between meetings, or save them for when you’re home from work. They’ll show you why some people love Twitter so much, and could even convert you if you’re on the fence. Enjoy!

A Series of Poor Decisions: The Twitter Song

“My bank just hired a mime (my bank really sucks).” “The mime at the bank is mocking me.” “Made friends with the mime.” “Robbery went badly. Shot the mime.”

These are some tweets from CareWhatIThink, sung to an ultra-catchy pop tune that will have you humming long after it’s done. You can watch and listen to his slow decline unfold in reverse-chronological order, 140-characters-or-less at a time.

“The Twitter Song” (Do the Twitter Dance)

A singer bears all in this Twitter-obsessed music video. Chris Thompson uses Twitter on his computer and his phone, while he’s baking bread and when he’s too nervous to talk to a pretty girl on the street. He and YouTube sensation iJustine pair up to dance for joy half-way through this video at the sheer thought of tweeting, trying to convince everyone to “do the Twitter dance”.

The Twitter Song

iJustine shares her love of Twitter for the world to see in this over-the-top adorable music video. although her unabashed love of Mac products might overshadow Twitter in this video, it’s a fun, frivolous little Twitter-loving vid – and with 1.2 million views, we can imagine it’s inspired some current Twitter users to jump on the service.

Melissa Suzanne’s Twitter Song

Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” gets a tech upgrade with Melissa Suzanne’s Twitter Song. She sings sweetly about learning how to use Twitter, getting her first DM from “a marketing guy”, gaining some followers and feeling “loved, loved, loved, loved”.