4 Takeaways From Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference

All new entries for third-party apps

At its massive annual conference, Apple opened a number of its key products to third-party developers in a move that could let the Silicon Valley darling keep up—and catch up—with the likes of Amazon, Facebook and Google.

During Monday morning's keynote WWDC address, Apple executives announced the company would start letting developers build onto existing products like Siri, iMessage, Maps and the next version of iOS. 

"Our North Star has always been about improving people's lives by creating great products that change the world," Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

Here are four takeaways from the keynote:

1. Siri is coming to Mac

Siri, Apple's virtual assistant for the iPhone and Apple Watch, will soon become available for Mac desktop and laptop computers. Accessible from the dock, menu bar or keyboard, Siri will help users find files, pin results, plan meetings or take calls through Facetime.

Not only did Apple bring Siri to Mac, but it also opened Siri to developers across devices. Developers will be able to integrate entertainment and services that can be accessed through Siri such as Slack, WhatsApp, Uber and Pinterest. Apple said Siri already answers more than 2 billion requests a week from users.

The move to open Siri could also let Apple better compete with Amazon and Google, which already have personal assistants open to third-party developers. Both companies also have hardware to go along with it.

2. iMessage is open to developers

Apple also will soon let developers integrate with iMessage. The move should let Apple hold its ground against other messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp which already allow integration for tasks like booking rides on Uber. The move might also be a step toward opening the floodgates for iOS chatbots.

3. Apple Music is getting a makeover

Apple Music—continuing its competition with steaming services like Spotify and Tidal—will get a brand-new design with the rollout of iOS 10. The goal, according to Apple, is to give "greater clarity and simplicity" to the service, which how has 15 million subscribers.

4. Apple News is, too

Apple News, which now has 60 million users, is getting a face-lift of its own. With the redesigned app, Apple is adding a way to organize news and find stories along with a way to receive lock-screen news notifications (much like Facebook's now shuttered Notify app) and to add paid subscriptions.

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