4 Reasons You Should Use A Dashboard, Not Twitter.com

If you’re still sending out your tweets from Twitter.com, you’re missing out on a lot of great functionality. Twitter dashboards enable you to get the most out of Twitter, and really enhance the experience you’re currently getting from Twitter.com.

Using a dashboard is great for businesses looking to really make their Twitter mark, but it’s also a good idea for individuals who just want to listen to interesting tweets and retweet occasionally. Here are four ways Twitter dashboards trump Twitter.com.

You can schedule tweets

Using a Twitter dashboard like HootSuite, Seesmic or TweetDeck, you can easily schedule tweets to go live in the future.

As we’ve discussed before, a tweet schedule is useful if you want to maintain a steady flow of tweets without being tied to your computer or smartphone all day. Of course, there are some best practices when it comes to scheduling tweets, like only scheduling evergreen content and spacing them out appropriately, but all-in-all it’s a good idea for active tweeters.

You can’t write a tweet and set it as “pending” or schedule it in the future on Twitter.com. But using a dashboard, you can access a calendar and choose which day and time to send out a particular tweet.

You can view multiple streams of tweets at once

Another killer feature of all Twitter dashboards is their ability to display multiple streams of tweets at once. On Twitter.com, you have a single column, which defaults to your home timeline and allows you to flip between your @mentions (although this is changing), lists, saved searches and others. However, using a dashboard, you can view several streams at once, side-by-side.

In HootSuite, for instance, you can have up to 10 streams – all of the important lists you follow, your @mentions, the tweets you’ve scheduled in the future, etc. – lined up neatly next to one another. You just have to scroll to the right to view them all. And what’s more, they’ll auto-refresh so you see the latest tweets from each stream, without having to reload the page.

You can work with a team

Twitter.com doesn’t really make for a smooth team-management experience. If you’ve got more than one person managing your social media accounts, you know how frustrating it is to rely on the official Twitter portal.

Change gears a bit, and check out a dashboard. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s easy to bring in others to manage a single Twitter account using any of the dashboards out there, but Seesmic and Co-Tweet are especially great for larger teams. They’ll all let you work collaboratively to manage a single Twitter presence, however, showing you who penned each tweet, and even allowing you to schedule tasks and times for different team members to monitor.

You can sync other social networks, too

Lastly, Twitter dashboards not only make browsing and using Twitter easier, but they can also connect with the other major social networks out there, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

This means that you can manage multiple social network presences from a single location. No more flipping between half a dozen different websites – dashboards do it all in one place.

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