4 Facebook Applications That Let You Do More with Facebook Photos

As spring settles in and summer approaches, cameras (or camera phones) will be pulled out for family vacations and weekend getaways, and people may be looking for new ways to share their photos on Facebook. This week, Inside Facebook gives a quick tour of four photo applications that can help you edit, present, and visualize pictures with greater creativity.

1. Animoto Videos (by Animoto.com, View AppData)

Animoto Videos is an application that creates a 30-second slideshow using pictures from your Facebook albums. After selecting 15 pictures, you pick a song (either from Animoto’s collection or your own), and the app puts a video together for you that’s customized to the music: “No two videos are ever the same.” A neat feature is that you can remix the video in one click if you’re not happy with the current version, and Animoto will re-customize the video for you. The app allows you to tag friends and circulate the video by publishing it to your Wall. However, for friends to view it, they must install the app.

2. Picnik (by Bitnik, View AppData)

Picnik is a photo-editing application that gives you access not only to your own photos, but also your friends’.  You can select a picture and edit it (rotate, crop, resize, colors, sharpen, red-eye), as well as add special effects (the Puzzle effect, below, is a fun one), text, stickers, and frames. When you’re done,  you’re given the option of saving the photo to the Facebook album of your choice.

3. Sketch Me (by Fendoo, View AppData)

Sketch Me is a simpler application, allowing you to convert your profile picture into an artistic pencil sketch format. You can set the darkness of the sketch (light, medium, dark), and once the sketch is generated, it’s supposed to appear in the My Sketch tab, or you can just save it on your desktop.

4. TouchGraph Photos (by TouchGraph, View AppData)

TouchGraph Photos is a visualization solution that lets you see the relationships between your Facebook friends, using mutual pictures as a way to gauge the strength of relationships. You can filter your graph by Network. Notice that some friends’ profile pictures don’t show up due to their privacy settings. This is definitely an interesting approach to weighing social relationships within your Networks.

With Facebook being the top photo-sharing site in the world, application developers in the photo space need to develop applications that go beyond merely managing and sharing photos: they need to provide you with the tools to do something more.

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