4 Brands Using Twitter Video for Extended Storytelling

Takes one-click video a step further

Headshot of Lauren Johnson

Twitter has begun testing a new feature within its one-click video format that lets brands string together pieces of content, Adweek has learned.

The ‘view more videos’ option builds on Twitter’s one-click video that began popping up earlier this month from brands including Burger King and Volvo.

The feature appears to only be running within Twitter’s iPhone app and was not seen within the social giant’s website or Android app when tested by Adweek. However, a Twitter rep confirmed that the option to view more video is not limited to iOS and that users may start to see the option on other devices, too.  

Now, calls-to-action at the end of the clip prompt consumers to view more videos. A click-through leads consumers to a landing page that pulls in a list of all of the videos that a brand has used.

While one-click video was initially limited to Twitter Amplify media partners, other initiatives from brands such as Universal Pictures suggest that these video tests are moving beyond this set of marketers.

The feature may seem like a small change, but a string of tweets from Budweiser yesterday shows the potential for brands to build narratives via these short video posts.

The beer brand posted a series of video-enabled tweets yesterday to announce the lineup for its Made in America music festival that will take place in Los Angeles and Philadelphia during Labor Day weekend. When consumers clicked through to the landing page, the videos appear chronologically at the top of the page to reveal each artist.

Twitter has been making a hard push in getting brands to use more video within the social sharing site, in part to keep up with Facebook that’s already courting brands such as Macy’s, Unilever and Progressive Insurance with its auto-play video ad units.

Take a look at four examples of brands that are applying the feature to their tweets below.

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