4 Brands Using Google+ Effectively

For content-driven brand awareness, a Google+ profile is proving to be the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers, build traffic, and benefit from SEO.

For content-driven brand awareness, a Google+ profile is proving to be the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers, build traffic, and benefit from SEO. We’ll take a look at how businesses are reaching the platform’s 540 million users.

Cadbury masters visual content 


Honing in on the happiness factor Cadbury endorses, its campaign #freethejoy has reeled in 3.8 million users by offering a showcase of compelling feel-good videos and images. A recent study suggested that Google+ profiles that use images and videos are expected to increase engagement by over a quarter.

Images include a hot air balloon made from chocolate, a weather forecast using Twirls and Buttons and clips of people dancing across the world. Their page is engaging, their content is contagious and their visual elements are share-worthy.

ESPN conveys emotion


Self-titled as ‘The Worldwide Leader In Sports,” ESPN’s Google+ profile channels the ultimate fan experience, and attracts readers through empowerment and emotion. Last December, ESPN shared an album named #FanHallOfFame, allowing the public to vote for their favourite fan photo. A single image achieved 378 +1’s, 19 shares and 50 comments.

Whilst it promotes light-hearted posts for die-hard sport fans, ESPN balances humour with emotion by adding inspirational fan stories. Lauren Hill and Devon Still are prime examples of how emotional stories draw in an audience. In Lauren’s instance, it was the heart-wrenching story about fulfilling her dream of playing college basketball even though she has an inoperable brain cancer. As for Devon, it was story behind the athlete’s daughter, who suffered from a cancerous tumour, who announced was healthy enough to cheer her father on during his next game.

Destinology teams up with Maps


A picture tells a thousand words and what better way to promote a luxury travel brand than with breath-taking images? Destinology, a UK holiday provider, does exactly this and has drawn in a loyal 1.86 million followers.

Whilst Lindsay, the brands SEO Executive, says “people love to ‘like’, comment and share images that are striking and inspiring”, Destinology sees Google+ as having another unique benefit for its users. This is its collaboration with Google Maps, which has allowed the brand to introduce virtual tours and ‘local recommendations’ for users. Through this partnership, relevant tourist businesses appear on the map and can be reviewed by readers, or acknowledged with a ‘+1’.

Christian Dior offers exclusives


Christian Dior’s Google+ page oozes luxury and exclusivity. It offers behind-the-scenes footage and full fashion reports for followers, ensuring that their readers have first-hand access to new releases.

The language used charms the reader, with phrases like ‘see it first’, ‘just launched’ and ‘close-up’ flashing up frequently. Not only does this allow readers to gain all the latest fashion insights, but brings an intimacy to the brand and reader’s relationship.

So what can businesses learn?

  • Tell stories. Readers are led by emotions and find it easy to relate to stories. By sharing a story, it shows that the brand cares and helps the reader connect further with them.
  • Explore all options. Make sure to find out how you can take advantage of Google’s applications that can launch alongside your Google+ account. Would syncing it up with Google Maps benefit your brand or can a virtual tour improve the reader’s experience?
  • Offer exclusives. Offering ‘behind the scenes’ information and visuals makes the reader feel valued and important. By sharing exclusives on your Google+ profile really helps make your page a destination and somewhere the reader feels they need to regularly check.
  • Visuals are important. Readers are looking for entertaining and engagement content. Sharing visuals can also help improve engagement rates by 28 percent.
  • Know your audience. Understanding your readers will determine the type of content you post and the language you use. Whether it’s humorous GIF’s, backstage footage or reports on the latest news.
  • Google+ benefits SEO. Quality content and +1’s will improve your visibility in Google’s searches.
  • Be personal. By offering a more intimate rapport, your Google+ profile will see an increase in following and profile views.

Charlotte Corner is a content specialist for Search Laboratory, interested in digital trends and online PR.

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