4.5 Million eReaders Became Hand-Me-Downs in 2012: NextMarket Research

It’s been a couple of years since book retailers first started battling over the price of eReaders which increased sales of the devices, so it’s not a surprise that many households have some extras kicking around.

In fact, according to a new report from NextMarket Insights, a new research firm led by Michael Wolf (the former VP of research for GigaOM’s research service GigaOM Pro/eBook publisher) more than half of all households where people read eBooks have more than one eReading device, and 17 percent of all eReading households have three or more eReading devices.

The report found that many of these eReader owners are giving last generation’s devices to family members when they buy the latest model. NextMarket Insights estimates that 4.5 million eReaders became hand-me-downs last year. According to NextMarket, many eReader owners are giving up their dedicated eReaders and switching to tablets. In fact, according to the report, people in households that own multiple eReaders are twice as likely than households who don’t own multiple devices to use an iPad as their primary eReading device.

The report also found that about 4 in 10 eBook readers that live in a household with only a single eReader read Kindles. In addition, the survey found that 7 percent of eBook reading consumers use their smartphone as their primary eReading device.

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