3Q Digital’s Q3 Facebook ads report: big increase in CTR, drop in impressions


3Q Digital, a digital media agency, recently analyzed its clients’ performance with Facebook ads, finding a huge drop in impressions, but a pretty big jump in clickthrough rate. This illustrates that while reach may be tumbling on Facebook, those who are seeing messages are the most willing to take an action.

Year-over-year, there has been a 54 percent decrease in impressions (taking into account both mobile and desktop campaigns), a 56 percent increase in cost per click, a 342 percent rise in clickthrough rate and a 224 percent increase in ad spend. Since Q2 2014, 3Q Digital’s clients have seen a 136 percent decrease in impressions, a 53 percent increase in clicks, a 262 percent increase in clickthrough rate and a 54 percent increase in spending.

However, much of the cost increase and impressions decrease appears to be on desktop, as mobile numbers are more positive.

Dayna Moon, 3Q’s Senior Director of Social, commented on these results in a blog post:

We expect that the Q4 holiday rush, combined with more and more advertisers competing for inventory on the Audience Network, will increase CPCs over the coming months. There is little doubt mobile will continue to be a core revenue driver for Facebook, and we predict that the average DAU (daily average users) growth is likely to stay in line with the average growth percentage rate of 62% QoQ.

Longer-term, we expect that video will become the next “big thing” as Facebook shifts their focus on monetization and expands their offerings for brands and marketers alike.

Just on mobile, 3Q’s quarter-over-quarter figures indicated a 51 percent increase in impressions, a 180 percent increase in clicks, an 85 percent increase in CTR and a 40 percent dip in CPC.