3Q Digital Q1 report: 45 percent increase in mobile ad spend on Facebook


Facebook will announce its Q1 2014 financial report on Wednesday, but reports are pouring in from analysts and Facebook Preferred Marketing Developers.

3Q Digital, a digital advertising agency, shared with Inside Facebook samples of its clients’ performance on Facebook for the previous quarter. They found that mobile is still going very strongly for Facebook in Q1, as the company has seen a 45 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in spending on mobile.

Dayna Moon, 3Q’s Senior Director of Social Advertising, commented on Facebook’s Q1 advertising performance:

It’s safe to say we’ve moved beyond the “Year of Mobile” to the “Decade of Mobile” and can continue to place bets on the next targeting craze. I’m rolling my dice on the geo side, as Facebook announced an optional rollout of the “nearby friends” feature early this week. Marketers are likely to see this feature “pop-up” sooner rather than later.

Other findings by 3Q:

  • CTRs climbed at an average rate of 38 percent month over month (blended averages of January to February and February to March), while CPCs dropped steadily over the same period.
  • For mobile, iOS devices are leading the pack, posting a 43 percent higher conversion rate overall than Android and a 37 percent higher CPI.
  • In comparing the performance of targeting across devices, lookalikes are the clear winner, generating a 15 percent higher conversion rate on Android devices and almost 2x higher on IOS platforms vs. category targeting.
  • Lookalike targeting CPIs were also more expensive on IOS at a modest 10 percent over Android.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.