3M Delivers Post-its for the Digital Age

New PopNotes app offers location-based reminders

Is a Post-it still a Post-it without its fun, sticky backing? In an attempt to bring those delightfully low-tech notes into the high-tech digital age, 3M is launching a new app that turns the paper squares into electronic reminders.

With 3M’s Post-it PopNotes, currently available for the iPhone and iPad, people can send written or typed messages to themselves or friends. (3M’s examples: “Luke, take the trash out” and “Happy anniversary babe!”)

At first glance, these e-Post-its might just seem like unnecessarily fancy text messages, but a couple of features could make them much more useful. The notes can be set to pop up at a certain time or, using GPS, whenever the recipient is in a particular place—which could prove handy for those people who tend to forget why they’re at the grocery store in the first place.

3M's Post-it marketing chief Jeff Hillins told The Wall Street Journal that the free app isn’t expected to actually generate revenue, but that 3M hopes the app “opens up the brand to new consumers.” (But really, is there anyone who’s not already familiar with Post-its?)

Whether or not the 3M’s “Post-it PopNotes App community” takes off isn’t even that important, analyst Steven Winoker told the WSJ. In the end, “it's good brand building.”

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