‘Marie Claire’ Is About Fashion Even When It’s ‘@Work’

Among yesterday’s tips for multitasking, we included a advice from a PR exec who was quoted in Marie Claire‘s recent @Work supplement. The supplement comes with your print subscription to the magazine (does anyone else still have one of these?), but here are some of the features available on the Web as well:

“The Formula for Success” – Professional profiles of three successful women — Lisa Randall, a theoretical physicist at Harvard; Meryl Poster, the president of TV production at The Weinstein Company; and Shawn Holley, a celebrity attorney who has repped O.J. Simpson and Lindsay Lohan, among others. Very cool.

“Baggage Check” – Four women who are frequent business travelers tell us about all the clothes, gadgets, and beauty products they pack. OK.

“Salma Inc” – A profile of actress, producer, Burger King spokesperson, and skincare line creator Salma Hayek. Kind of meh.

Much of the rest of the supplement is taken up with fashion and beauty spreads that may touch on working women issues but focus more on just straight fashion and beauty. There’s even a story about getting beauty treatments during your lunch break, which we find a little extra meh. A couple of our colleagues here quickly tossed the supplement aside, saying it’s not really about women @ work at all.

Ji Hyun Park, our editorial assistant and social media coordinator, thinks that it looks more like something a man would come up with to talk to women about going to work. In fact, Marie Claire‘s mostly female masthead is on page 14 including EIC Joanna Coles and fashion director Nina Garcia.

We understand that Marie Claire has a big focus on fashion. But, each issue also has stories on other topics. More than that, why have a supplement that’s only going to be an extension of the fashion coverage offered up in the main magazine?

So, working women of the PR industry, what would you like to see in a working women’s supplement? Or do you think the sort of content Marie Claire offers up is great as it is?

[image: a Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 shoe from the Marie Claire @Work supplement photo feature “To the Point,” all about “pastel pumps.” Credit: GoRunway.com]