36% of Cell Phone Users Are Heavy Texters

Thirty-six percent of US cell phone users consider themselves “heavy” texters, sending anywhere from one text message a day to hundreds per month. Overall, 65% of folks with cell phones have at least dabbled with text messaging.

texttalk_JIU.jpgThe figures come from a recent consumer behavior survey from Wirefly, a comparison-shopping site for wireless phones, plans and accessories.

Of those who consider themselves heavy texters, 37% send 25-100 messages a month, 23% send 101-250, 20% send 251-500 and 20% send more than 500 a month. Let’s hope they all have an unlimited text-messaging plan.

Reasons for sending texts include responding to a received message (59%), instead of making a phone call (49%), saying a quick hello (48%), to flirt with someone (17%) and – this one’s really tacky – to break up with a significant other. At least only 4% of respondents admitted to that last reason.

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)