$35M Richer, Dick Parsons Suddenly Loves Carl Icahn

dick_parsons_youtube.jpgRemember that whole bitter, drawn-out war between Time Warner executives and corporate raider Carl Icahn over his desire to bust up the company? Well, Time Warner CEO Dick Parsons does. But thanks, in part, to a $35 million bump in Parsons’ own holdings, the bitterness has mysteriously faded.

Said Parsons yesterday at the Reuters Media Summit: “When someone accumulates even 3 or 4 percent of your stock and starts making the kind of noises Carl was making, it causes you to get in touch with your other shareholders.”

Meanwhile, Icahn’s “noises” could ultimately help Parsons’ bid for New York City mayor, should he choose to run. When asked if he had ruled out a run, Parsons replied: “Why would you do that?”


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