Average Life of US Mobile Phone is 18 Months

The mountain of unused phones will continue to rise as the number of phones have already eclipsed the number of clean toilets,  and not all of those devices are being utilized. Love2Recycle‘s recent graphics shows that the average mobile consumer already owns two unused phones with only 11% getting recycled each year in the US. Click here to see the rest of the graphics:

Smartphones are creating their own e-waste epidemic, but what viable options are available? California’s $230 million e-waste program is funded by California residents who pay $8 – $25 dollars in recycling fees when purchasing new monitors and television, but the program is inundated with fraud.  The state has already rejected $23 million worth of fraudulent claims with an estimate of $30 of ineligible paid claims. To complicate matters, e-waste recycling is  hazardous task that’s typically  exported to developing countries, prompting companies like Sony to work with e-recyclers who promises not to export e-waste.

Resale programs like Love2Recycle takes unused phones to developing countries where mobile technology is relatively new. However, most consumers will find out quickly that only newer  iPhone models have great resale value. The easiest and least labor consumptive option is to send your unused phones to Amazon, but many may find better luck with Craigslist and eBay. A quick search on Google also reveals many websites dedicated to buying used cell phones so if you want your electronics to get the most life out of their hardware, it’s best to send them off as soon as possible to another home.