3 Ways to Keep Your 2014 PR Resolutions


We’ll close out the first full week of 2014 with a guest post by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases

Remember December of 2012? You had tons of ideas you wanted to implement for your business in 2013, and you probably turned these plans into public relations resolutions for the coming year. Looking back, how many of those resolutions did you actually keep?

While it’s natural for business owners and comms pros to slip once in a while, failing to succeed at any of your resolutions is a real problem. Instead of looking back in shame, however, it’s time to learn how to keep your resolutions by making them more realistic for you company.

Find a Better Middle Ground

There are two totally different problems business owners run into when making new goals or resolutions. They either go way too big or way too small. Both can be detrimental to actually accomplishing everything you want to in the New Year.

As far as going too big, you want to keep your resolutions in the realm of reality. It may be a great lofty goal to take over your entire state in 2014, but is it actually feasible? Could your business even sustain that level of growth?

Setting smaller, realistic goals can help boost you throughout the year as you accomplish each one, especially if you get frustrated when things don’t go right. A long, drawn-out goal can become tedious even when you’re headed in the right direction.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go too low on your goals for 2014. If they’re too easy, like gaining five new Facebook followers a month, you may get bored or lose focus. Try to find a nice middle ground between too easy and too tough to keep you motivated throughout the whole year.


When it’s just you in charge of your company’s PR, it’s harder to stay motivated when things don’t go right. If a goal passes you by and you don’t quite make it, you only have yourself to report to. In this event you may give yourself a pass which in the end just gives you an excuse to keep missing goals.

You need someone keeping you on your toes and on task. Find someone who you know will take you to task if you mess up or fall off the wagon. It could be a mentor, a colleague, or even a competitor; but whoever it is, tell them they are not to let you off the hook. This gives you a bigger incentive to succeed rather than just write it off.

Keep a Better Calendar 

It’s easy to set goals, and much more difficult to keep up with them, especially all the way through the next year. Instead of running on memory or slips of paper you hid in your desk, keep an accurate calendar with specific dates.

Fill this out as soon as you finalize your resolutions in the beginning of the year. Be as specific as possible – if you want to write weekly blogs, set weekly reminders to keep you up to date. If you need more detailed reminders, try setting one for Tuesdays to write and Thursdays to edit. This way you’re constantly reminded of what your goals are through the year and it becomes impossible for anything to slip your mind.

eReleases’ founder Mickie Kennedy started the company 14 years ago after working in a PR environment that was not meeting the needs of small- and medium-sized businesses and firms. He struck out on his own to build a company that would give smaller firms access to the newswire – with a personal touch. He’s also the author of The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases. Follow eReleases on Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.