3 UK Relaunches Ad-Supported Mobile Video

MocoNews reports that UK operator 3 UK has appointed 4th Screen and Mobix Interactive to run its ad-supported mobile video service:

“The two companies replace ad-funded mobile video provider Rhythm New Media, which abandoned the UK market in August to concentrate on the US. Mobile ad agency 4th Screen Advertising will handle pre-roll ad sales, while platform provider Mobix will deliver the ads and provide measurement tools, as well as managing content partners.”

The report said that the service will launch with ad-funded news, weather and movie reviews, with comedy, music and cartoon content to be added later on. This is all on top of UK 3’s premium content, which includes mobile games and full length music downloads.

There’s nothing particularly unusual going on here, but it’s indicative of how many partnerships have to come together to launch a mobile video service these days—and that’s to say nothing of sorting out which handsets and which mobile TV technology (broadcast or streamed) is involved.