3 Turn Productions hopes to bring Jane Austen to the world of MMOs in Ever, Jane

An unlikely candidate for an MMO, Jane Austen is the focus of Ever, Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen, an upcoming MMO from 3 Turn Productions, which is currently raising funding on Kickstarter. The game allows players to create a character in Regency Period England, building their reputation and gossiping about others while attending lavish balls and other activities appropriate for the time.

In Ever, Jane, players manipulate characters by gossiping about them. Rather than swords and magic (as in most MMOs), players use the power of words to aid friends and hurt enemies. Players can earn the sympathy of Lizzie Bennet, for instance, by telling lies about their rival. However, the game will notify someone if they’re being talked about too much, and will provide an opportunity for finding the person that’s spreading the rumors.

Instead of leveling up a character’s strength or defense points, Ever, Jane focuses on personality progression, with personality traits that fit with the major characters from Jane Austen’s novels. These traits are manipulated by completing activities in the game, including quests which follow the story arc within the village.

Image via 3 Turn Productions

Players will be encouraged to post their experiences on the Ever, Jane forums, allowing other players to learn more about the local town gossip before actually going into the game to play.

In addition to personality traits and gossiping, Ever, Jane will offer an invitation system to allow players to invite each other to in-game events, with this feature also having a role in one’s personality traits. These events come in the form of balls and dinner parties, which offer more opportunities for gossiping.

Mini-games look to round out the experience, and come in the form of word games, ball dancing, sewing, embroidery and playing the piano, among others.

Image via 3 Turn Productions

Ever, Jane has earned over $43,000 of its $100,000 goal, with 13 days remaining for additional funding on Kickstarter. A prototype is available for download, giving users the chance to try out both the gossip and invitation systems in a 3D village.

At launch, Ever, Jane will support multiple subscription models, with each subscription level relating to a character’s status within the game. Those who play the game for free will begin as a peasant, with three months to find work or starve. However, at $5 a month, for instance, players can begin at the merchant or farmer level, while $25 gives players a title and an estate.