3 Top Photo Uploaders for Twitter

Part of the fun of Twitter is uploading photos of your friends, some sign that made you laugh or a particularly exquisite plate of food. But which service to use?

Don’t tell me you’re still using Twitter.com to upload your fun pic! Technology has rapidly changed since you signed up for your Twitter account and there are much easier, more fun ways to share your images, my friend. Here are my top three picks.


This is the largest (and most popular) photo sharing service for Twitter.

I personally use Twitpic. I like that it’s really easy to use and your pics are uploaded so quickly. You can post photos and videos three ways here: from your phone, from the site or through email, which is a nice touch.

It’s snappy and doesn’t take an ounce of thought. Which is exactly what I want.  And Roger @ebertchicago, @AshleyMGreene and @JohnCleese use it as well, in case big names matter to you.


Yet one more application that is only available for the iPhone, but it’s too great not to mention. The features here are simply amazing.

iPhones take beautiful photos, but this free app lets you choose a filter “to transform the look and feel,” making them feel like they’re from another time and place. By changing the colors, mood, border, and tonality of your photos, you’re also upping the ante so your pics now look more Ansel Adams than Gomez Addams.

You can add a hashtag to your pics, so like Twitter, your photos get grouped together under the same hashtag. This allows you to instantly create photo albums and find the photos that interest you. Brilliant! Oh and it gets better – the hashtag then allows you to create an RSS feed of your pictures. This company is not only on the ball, they’re ahead of the game.

Your polaroid-type photos get saved to your cutely-named “camera roll,” where you can then send your images onto Facebook, Flickr or Twitter, in yes, an instant.


There must be something to this if peeps with huge followings such as @justinbieber, @thatkevinsmith and @neilhimself Gaiman use it.

The unique feature here is that in addition to uploading from your computer or phone, you can upload through your webcam, making it superfast and easy to make and then post videos. You can upload up to 2GB of video and there is no restriction on the time length of the video.

The other nice feature here is that you don’t have to sign up for an actual Twitvid account – just sign in using our Twitter username and password and you’re good to go. This is a feature that doesn’t get enough credit these days. I mean, do you really want to sign up for one more thing, have one more password to remember?

Use your Blackberry, iPhone or Android with this baby and use it with Echofon, UberSocial or Twitterrific if you like. This ease of use of this is fantastic. And fun too!