3 Tips for Customizing the New Facebook Home Page

With the new “real time” stream on Facebook’s redesigned home page, Facebook is relying less on its ability to algorithmically select interesting content for users and more on users’ abilities to group and categorize their friends to create the most interesting stream. Here are a couple quick tips for customizing it the new Facebook home page to make it work better for you:

1) Hide friends whose updates you don’t want to see.

The easiest way to get started is to hide friends from the News Feed. You’ll no longer see any shared content from friends you hide.



2) Group friends into Friend Lists and use them to filter your feed.

friendlist3The next step is to group friends into what Facebook calls “Friend Lists.” Friend Lists are private friend groups that no one ever sees but that you can use for privacy – for example, sharing personal content (like photos) with only some of your Facebook friends. You can also use them to create filtered views on the home page stream so that you only see updates from certain types of friends – like “Best Friends,” “Work Friends,” “High School,” etc.

To create Friend Lists, go to the Friends tab and click “Make a New List” on the left side of the page.



3) Change your default home page filter.

You can change the default stream you see on the home page by dragging a friend list or network filter above “News Feed” on the left. Most people don’t know that this is possible, but it’s a powerful feature once you’ve created a friend list you like using a lot.

Now, you’ll only see updates from “Best Friends” (or whichever list you prefer seeing most often) when you load the home page.

You can only currently use friend lists and networks as your default News Feed filter – not applications. However, you can still rearrange applications in the section below friend lists and networks in order to put your favorite ones on top.