3 Tips for Finding (and Retaining) Influential Customers [Infographic]

With the increased power of peer influence on social networks, its important to understand how to turn customers into influencers.

Influencing customers can be very tricky, especially because consumers are so aware and dismissive of advertising. Turning customers into influencers may be the more profitable path, because of increased peer influence on social networks. Ninja Metrics has released an infographic that details the power of influential customers.

According to the infographic:

An influential customer is one who promotes the company through their own network of friends and contacts. The more a customer becomes a brand advocate, the more influence and ‘social value’ they have, ultimately resulting in higher sales.

Influential customers are already generating billions in global sales revenue. These customers will generate an estimated $20 billion in 2014, and a projected $30 billion next year. All the average influential customers combined can contribute to 20 to 50 percent of total company revenue.

Ninja Metrics suggests three tips to find and retain these influential customers.

  1. Find influential customers with big data analytics. When a company integrates big data platforms into their business model they can see a 23-fold increase in customers.
  2. Mobile advertising campaigns. After identifying influential consumers, it’s best to target them with share friendly advertising. More than 50 percent of sharing comes from mobile devices.
  3. Be visual. Posts that contain visual content, like images or video, receive 6.5 times the engagement of plain text posts.

To see the demographic breakdown of the most influential influencers, view the infographic below:


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