3 Things All Restaurants and Bars Should Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook

In this week’s “Facebook Marketing 101” series, Inside Facebook will be discussing first steps businesses can take to start marketing on Facebook.

In a recent post, Inside Facebook discussed several ways for businesses large and small to leverage Facebook and the social graph to market more effectively. While the concept of “Facebook marketing” for small businesses isn’t yet as mainstream as advertising in the yellow pages, it’s not hard to imagine why thousands of restaurants, bars, and clubs are already leveraging Facebook to win new patrons.

Facebook Marketing 101 for Bars and Restaurants

For restaurateurs who haven’t yet realized how powerful Facebook marketing can be – or for those that are having trouble learning how to use Facebook as a vehicle for claiming new customers – here are Inside Facebook’s three simple and easy tips for engaging with Facebook users to win new customers.

1. Create a Facebook Page! Wasn’t creating your web page a great idea? Well, your Facebook page will get even better SEO results. In a few simple steps, you can advertise your restaurant, location, and hours to a community of over 150 million people – 45 million in the US alone. It’s definitely worth your time and it will take you less than an hour to display some basic information about your business.

2. Make your Page engaging with applications. Show your restaurant’s great ratings by displaying the Zagat application or add a reservations widget through OpenTable on your main page; display a video of the chefs making the house’s special; allow users to click through an interactive menu. The possibilities are endless.

3. Create and promote events online and offline. Let people know about a special Mother’s Day brunch or a regular Friday Happy Hour by sending invitations and ask people to RSVP on Facebook. This can be a great way to increase viral marketing as information about Facebook Events travels through news feeds from your network of friends and family outwards in the greater social graph.

These are just a few basic ways to launch your restaurant’s presence on Facebook and to increase your general visibility. As an example of how one restaurant employs the above methods (and more) in creative ways, check out the spicy flavors of Junnoon.