3 Things All Plumbers and Local Service Providers Should Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook

In this week’s “Facebook Marketing 101” series, Inside Facebook will be discussing first steps businesses can take to start marketing on Facebook.

Inside Facebook recently wrote about ways for all businesses to boost their internet marketing efforts by increasing their presence on Facebook. We’ve showed you how small businesses, from lawyers to restaurateurs, can use Facebook and the “social graph” to market themselves better. Now, we’ll show you how even everyday plumbers (who haven’t quite achieved the notoriety of “Joe the Plumber”) can start getting online referrals via Facebook to boost business in a bad economy.

Facebook Marketing 101 for Plumbers (and any Local Service Provider)

1) Create a Facebook Page. One of the best ways to increase SEO is with a dedicated page on Facebook. Don’t forget to mention your physical address, your phone number, and maybe a price list for the services you offer.

2) Publish useful information and rich media on your Page to draw visitors. A “How to fix a runny toilet” video would definitely be interesting to several people with leaky pipes…and when the DIY-ers try and fail, guess who they’re going to call? That’s right… you.

3) When you’ve got your Facebook page set up and put some useful and interesting information on it, let people know! Tell your friends and family and ask them to spread the word. Don’t forget to use Facebook’s Social Ads platform to deliver targeted ads to those in the your geographic area so you can reach out to people outside of your immediate circle of friends.

These quick tips should give you a good start to marketing yourself on Facebook whether you’re a plumber or electrician or any other local operation in need of some social media advertising help. If you’re a small business that’s already using Facebook to get the word out, let others know what strategies work for you!