3 Things All Lawyers & Attorneys Should Do to Market More Effectively on Facebook

In this week’s “Facebook Marketing 101” series, Inside Facebook will be discussing first steps businesses can take to start marketing on Facebook.

In a recent post, Inside Facebook discussed 10 ways for businesses large and small to take advantage of Facebook to market their products and services. One professional group that could undoubtedly better leverage the power of Facebook’s social graph is the lawyers and attorneys that are already trying to stake their claim online in blogs and other social media.

Below, Inside Facebook details three easy steps for attorneys to get a great return on time and effort spent on social media marketing through Facebook.

Facebook Marketing 101 for Lawyers & Attorneys

1. Invest in Social Ads. For smaller firms, Social Ads offer a minimally expensive way to deliver targeted ads with practical pay-for-performance pricing. Legal teams can zero in on the region and demographic that they want to reach and deliver ads that are tailored to suit. For example, intellectual property and patent attorneys based in New York may want to expand to the West Coast to generate business in innovative cities. Or maybe a firm that specializes in natural disaster claims against insurance companies would want to drum up some business in South Florida in the post-hurricane season. With Social Ads, this micro-advertising is not only possible, but a good campaign could generate a large viral reaction with only a small initial investment.

2. Create online events or promotions – and don’t forget to ask for RSVPs. Creating events and promotions is another great way to boost viral marketing on Facebook. A mom and pop legal shop, for example, might tap into networks beyond friends and family by incentivizing those closest to them to spread the word about good counsel on Facebook. Something as simple as an appraisal in the form of a Note might be a great way to get the news out within the social graph. Facebook Events with RSVPs that promote offline gatherings are another easy way to gain viral exposure. A small law group might pair an informal “Meet the Attorneys” advice session with a wine tasting at a local restaurant. This is a great way to use social media to market professional events.

3. Create a Facebook page with engaging content. This is the internet, after all. Make sure to include videos, sound clips, and any other rich media that might make your Facebook page more interesting. For example, you can whet the appetites of once and future clients by offering starter legal tips in videos like Hamilton and Perryman do. Or, maybe you want to skip the fun and games and add something more serious — a scheduler, perhaps, to initiate appointments for initial consultations. The possibilities are endless.

These are just a few ways that attorneys can differentiate themselves and market their services on Facebook. Other things lawyers should consider include partnering with or sponsoring popular applications on the Platform, sending virtual gifts, and of course, using Facebook as a way to communicate with a base of your firm’s biggest fans.