3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling Your Tweets

There are some surprising benefits of using a Twitter schedule that you will begin to notice the more comfortable you get with scheduling.

Scheduling tweets can free up your time and make sure your Twitter account is “on” when you need it to be. But there are other, less obvious benefits of using a Twitter schedule that you will begin to notice the more comfortable you get with scheduling.

1. Your brand voice will be stronger

Do you have a solid understanding of your brand’s voices? Is it fun and flirty? Slick and professional? Friendly and approachable?

Many marketers struggle to pinpoint their brand’s voice, especially if they are tweeting on behalf of a younger company. But by scheduling tweets, you’ll give yourself a significant chunk of time every week to work on this.

For instance, if you set aside one or two hours on a Monday morning to write your tweets for the week, you will also be spending this time crafting your brand’s voice. Because you are not just haphazardly throwing a tweet together at the last minute to make sure you send something that day, your attention will be on the content and the tone. This hour or two each week will not only help you push out content for the remainder of the week, but it will force you to sit down and look at your brand’s personality. And seeing 10, 20 or more tweets all together will give you a better understanding of your voice than seeing one at a time.

2. You’ll be more creative

Many marketers who have not yet taken the plunge into scheduling their social media content assume that the content will become repetitive. But, if done properly, that’s not the case – in fact, scheduling tweets can allow you to be even more creative than writing them on the fly.

If you are writing several tweets at once, you will be less likely to repeat yourself. After all, you can see everything laid out in front of you, and the repetitive tweets will stick out like a sore thumb. This is often not the case when you tweet as you go, since you may not remember exactly what you tweeted earlier that week.

Plus, by putting pen to paper (figuratively) for an hour or more at a time, you will let yourself get into a creative flow. You’re not just spitting out a tweet and moving onto another task. You are focused, dedicated to crafting content the entire time.

3. Your stress will decrease

It’s no surprise that your stress will go down if you’re not under the gun to come up with an amazing, witty, insightful tweet every few hours. But this is a benefit of scheduling that many marketers don’t realize until they actually get into a rhythm.

Blocking out a chunk of time on your calendar each week will give you relief from having to scramble for ideas for tweets at the last minute. You will have a pre-written roster of tweets that is all set to go to work for you, promoting your brand and sharing great content. No more frantic searches for interesting blog posts, fast-turnaround graphics or writer’s block under the pressure of having to get something out the door right now. Scheduling tweets gives you breathing room, content in the knowledge that your account is fully loaded with great content. Of course, you will still have to craft live, engaging tweets to build relationships with your followers, but you will no longer feel the stress of last minute tweeting.

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