There Are 3 New Message Tags for Facebook Messenger Bots

Developers can suggest new tags via a form Facebook introduced

The Messenger Platform team is keeping those bots busy VichanChairat/iStock

Facebook released three additional message tags that developers can incorporate into Messenger bots.

The social network unveiled five new message tags for Messenger bots in July.

Facebook also introduced a suggestion form (pictured below), enabling developers to suggest names for tags, as well as to describe non-promotional use cases for those tags for sending messages to users beyond the 24-hour window mandated by the social network’s Messenger Platform policy.

The three message tags introduced Thursday, as described by technical program manager Vivien Tong in a blog post, are:

  • Account update: The ACCOUNT_UPDATE tag may only be used to confirm updates to a user’s account setting. For example, when there is a change in account settings and preferences of a user profile, notification of a password change or membership expiration.
  • Payment update: The PAYMENT_UPDATE tag may be used to provide payment updates to existing transactions. For example, it can be used to send a receipt, out-of-stock, auction ended, refund or status change in an existing purchase transaction.
  • Personal finance update: The PERSONAL_FINANCE_UPDATE tag may be used to confirm a user’s financial activity. For example, it can be used to send notifications on bill pay reminders, scheduled payments, receipts of payment, transfer of funds or other transactional activities in financial services. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.