3 New Features We’d Love to see Added to Twitter

Twitter has been introducing new features at a brisk pace lately, including more robust Promoted Products, music sharing integration with Apple’s Ping, and push notifications for @mentions.

While they’re hard at work, here’s a look at three new features we’d love to see added to Twitter in the new year – some of which they’ve hinted at, and others that we hear users clamoring for.

More Emphasis on Location

Twitter Places has been around since June. With Twitter Places, users can currently enable Twitter to show their location with each tweet – but we think that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Rumors were flying a few weeks ago about the possibility of claiming a location on Twitter. Twitter claimed its headquarters, as pictured below via TechCrunch, but has since un-claimed it:

We’d love to see more location-based features from Twitter, including offering location claiming to businesses. This would allow businesses to promote specific locations, and to access location-based analytics for those locations.

Heavy-Duty Analytics

Speaking of analytics, we’d love to see more of these generally from Twitter.

With the recent fanfare surrounding Promoted Products, it’s a shame that we haven’t been able to really get at statistics that show their effectiveness. Twitter has claimed that Promoted Trends, for instance, get people talking about the topic in question 3 to 6 times more than if it wasn’t promoted.

However, we’d like to see some more analytics tools available for potential advertisers and for other organizations – think universities and non-profits. This could be a powerful way to not only get at the heart of who’s talking about what on Twitter, but also get Twitter on the larger mainstream radar.

Longer Direct Messages

Finally, we’d love to see the ability to write longer direct messages (DMs) to people. DMs are useful as private conversations in the naturally open and public Twitter-verse, but they, too, are restricted by the 140-character limit. We understand that Twitter is supposed to foster link-sharing, breaking news, and fast, bite-sized connections, but DMs have the potential to be something more.

If Twitter were to expand the number of characters that we could use for our DMs, it would be easier to have an in-depth conversation on Twitter. I know that I had trouble setting up an interview on Twitter DMs a few weeks back, and had to move it to e-mail because I simply couldn’t get my point across in the restricted character limit. Expanding this would improve communication on Twitter for users, and could even be a response to the recently announced Facebook Messages.

That’s our Twitter wishlist for the new year – what’s yours?