3 iPad apps to help you give better presentations

The problem with most live presentations is that they follow the same boring format: Bullet 1, Bullet 2, Bullet 3, Stop, Make additional point, Next slide, Repeat. Much of the blame can be placed on PowerPoint’s templated shoulders, but with the iPad apps feature here you have no excuse for not creating more engaging presentations.



Prezi has for some time allowed users to create interactive presentations like this one that combine text and photos with fluid animation. Now you can take your presentation from the projector to your iPad with Prezi’s recently released app. After creating a presentation on the Prezi website, you can access it online or from your mobile device. Using your iPad you can pinch, zoom, and navigate your presentation, all the while impressing your colleagues.


Best Prompter Pro

Want to use a teleprompter for your presentation, but don’t have the available equipment? Just fire up your iPad and download Best Prompter Pro ($7.99, iTunes), a teleprompter-like tool for your mobile device. Simply write or copy and paste your text into the app and use the scrolling and editing functions to create a naturally flowing script.

Like the previously mentioned tool CuePrompter, Best Prompter Pro is great for giving presentations or doing standups in the field. The major difference, however, is BPP can also act as a word processing app where you edit, save, and share documents.



The best presentations are either fun or interactive. SlideJockey, an app for both the iPhone and iPad, allows you to do both with its unique presentation style. The app allows you to download your presentation to your mobile device and display new slides in any order by flicking the slide toward the projector screen.

Your audience can also join in on the fun by accessing the app, where they can download individual slides or the entire presentation. They can also use the app to send questions directly to the screen. Check out an overview of SlideJockey in the video below.