3 Important Facebook Updates Coming Soon

comingsoon.jpgHere’s a quick look at some important Facebook updates that are expected to launch in 1Q 08:

1) Friend Lists Privacy Controls

A few weeks ago, Facebook took the first step toward enabling more efficient friend management with the release of Friend Lists. However, as was noted at the time, the killer feature of Friend Lists — Privacy Controls — was nowhere to be found. The good news is Facebook is working on this, and will allow users to control visibility for their profile, photos, and apps using Friend Lists soon.

2) Facebook in New Languages

It has been known for a while that Facebook is working on translating the site into a few new key languages. However, beyond this initial step, Facebook is planning an aggressive “crowdsourcing” approach to translate the site into dozens (if not hundreds) of languages around the world by harnessing the collective volunteer power of its user base. Soon, Facebook will launch a “Translations” app (which we saw briefly a couple weeks ago) whereby users can enter translations for every Facebook menu, button, and copy item. (To all Facebook users in Turkey: Facebook will be available in Turkish soon!!)

3) Blasting Messages to Groups With More Than 1,000 Members

Facebook marketers have been banging their head on the wall for a long time because of Facebook’s cap on the size of groups you’re allowed to blast messages to. This has caused many to migrate their group members to Pages, or even other websites, in order to enjoy more robust group communication tools. However, Facebook will soon be removing this ceiling, meaning Groups will become a more viable option for many grassroots marketers and large communities.